I play trombone

For many years. That’s all Folks.

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Past Concerts

01 Jan 2021 Corona. Coronata. Stillschweigen. Pausam Generalem. Pausam Generalem.
07 Feb 2020 TCOJ Bigband Maur Workspace Studio Workspace Studio
28 Jan 2020 TCOJ Bigband Zürich Helferei Helferei
15 Sep 2018 Pullup Orchestra Gossau, SG Kulturcontainer Kulturcontainer
08 Sep 2018 Matt Simons Bern NRJ Air - Stade de Suisse NRJ Air - Stade de Suisse
02 Sep 2018 Pullup Orchestra St. Gallen, SG Kulturcontainer Kulturcontainer
01 Sep 2018 Pullup Orchestra Frauenfeld, TG Musig i dä Stadt Musig i dä Stadt
25 Aug 2018 Pullup Orchestra Walenstadt, SG Kulturcontainer Kulturcontainer
31 Jul 2018 Halunke Basel, BS Im Fluss Festival Im Fluss Festival
28 Jul 2018 Halunke Etziken, SO Openair Etziken Openair Etziken
28 Jul 2018 Halunke Bütschwil, SG Openair Bütschwil Openair Bütschwil
27 Jul 2018 Halunke Vaduz, LI Vaduz Soundz Vaduz Soundz
07 Jul 2018 Halunke Zell, LU OpenQuer OpenQuer
07 Jul 2018 Halunke Dottikon, AG Sounds of Garden Sounds of Garden
06 Jul 2018 Halunke Visperterminen, VS Bodmer Open Air Bodmer Open Air
27 Jun 2018 Trigger Concert Big Band Rapperswil, SG Alte Fabrik Alte Fabrik
15 Jun 2018 Halunke Aarberg, BE Stars of Sounds Stars of Sounds
02 Jun 2018 Pullup Orchestra Eschenbach, LU Musiktag 2018 Musiktag 2018
01 Jun 2018 Halunke Zollikofen, BE Open Air Open Air
30 May 2018 Halunke Bern, BE Bierhübeli Bierhübeli


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Listen and get Sissy Fox here: iTunesSpotify, cede.ch
Listen and get Halunke here: iTunesSpotify, GooglePlay, cede.ch


Some concert videos and clips


Born 1979 in Biel BE.

Playing trombone since 1995, lessons with Karl Lassauer at the Winterthur Conservatory. Lessons with René Mosele and from 2002 to 2005 studies at the Musikakademie Basel – Jazz department with Adrian Mears. Semester abroad in Paris, no degree and further lessons with Danilo Moccia, Nils Wogram, Daniel Casimir and others.

Since 2005 work as a freelance musician: teaching at music schools and privately, participation in big bands, classical orchestras, jazz, soul, funk and salsa bands, musicals, theatre, circus, film settings. Concert tours in Europe: Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine. May + June 2008 concerts and further education in New York.

From 2010-2013 studies at the Zurich University of the Arts, Bachelor degree in Interaction Design.